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Top Marketing Tips – Adjust Your Marketing Plan

Three months ago I needed to buy a present for my niece’s birthday and knowing that she’s into fitness I decided to buy her a skipping rope. I popped into a sports shop on the way home and picked up a great skipping rope that had a counter in one of the handles which I thought, was a great invention. As I was paying for the skipping rope I got into a conversation with the owner of the shop who told me that his business was doing really badly and that if things didn’t pick up for him soon that he would be forced to close. I felt really sorry for him especially as he told me he’d been running the business for the past 12 years.

Adjust Your Marketing Plan

Well, as you can imagine, I told him I was a marketing consultant and asked him if he would like to have a chat about his marketing over a coffee. I told him I wasn’t going to charge him – so he agreed. We met up a week later in a coffee shop and he explained to me all the things that he’d been doing to try and get customers through the door. He explained how he had delivered 10,000 flyers to local houses, put colourful posters in his window promoting products on special offer (I had noticed these), and, spent a small fortune on adverts in local newspapers. Yet despite all of this there hadn’t been an increase in sales. The poor guy was working so hard and not getting anywhere.

I asked him if he was using any social media to market his business and immediately knew the answer to this question by the look of bewilderment that he gave me. I told him a little bit a the potential increase in sales that he could expect if he were to create a Facebook business page and Twitter account and start building a community of people interested in sport and fitness. It didn’t take him long before he got what I was talking about.

He now has a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a YouTube channel, and has plans to start blogging too. And, the last time I chatted with him he told me how he had taken on board my suggestions about adding his Facebook and Twitter addresses to all of his stationary, emails, and to his website. He’s also started to collect email addresses from everyone that walks through his door by asking them if they would like to enter a FREE Prize Draw where the winner gets a gift voucher to spend in his shop.

What I really liked about this business man is that he was willing to adjust his marketing plan, get with the times, and was prepared to do whatever it would take to turn his business around. He knows that it’s going to take a bit of time to build up his social media presence to the point where it starts making a big difference in terms of sales but his taking all of the right steps. I think he realised very quickly during our first meeting that he really needed to adjustments his marketing plan – and as you can see, he’s not just adjusted it, he’s completely overhauled it!

My final thoughts

If you’re not getting the results you think you should be getting then have a close look at your marketing plan and be prepared to adjust what you’re doing until you get the results you’re after.

Please share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below…

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Avatar – give your comments a professional edge

What’s an Avatar?

Well as far as I can work out there are two types of Avatars.

One type is a nine foot four inch tall blue monkey tailed being living on some outer galactic planet trillions of light years away from earth.

The other type is a small image that sits next to any comments or posts that you’ve left on forums or blogs.

It’s the second type of avatar that I want to talk about here – I’ll leave James Cameron to fill you in on the first type if you haven’t seen the film already.

Ok, so let me get started.

Once upon a time, when you wrote a comment in a forum or on a blog post you had to go around the back into your profile settings and upload an image that you wanted to represent you – i.e. an avatar – usually a photo of you but some people prefer to use a funky image. This was quite time consuming and often a bit fiddly to do. And, on many forums or blogs you weren’t given an option to do this, so you would have to settle for a boring silhouette type image that the forum or blog automatically dished out to you.

I remember spending hours on one forum trying to find out how to get my avatar on there and in the end gave up – I felt so frustrated!

I felt really unhappy as I could see other people had their avatars next to their comments – so why the hell couldn’t I get mine on there too!

I bet there are loads of people like me who get frustrated over this.

Then the next time I came across this issue, and after having spent nearly 45 minutes searching for a way to upload my picture next to my comment, I decided to give up and ask for help. I deleted the comment that I intended to leave and instead asked ‘How do I get my avatar to upload on this forum?”

After a while some kind person responded with ‘Use Gravatar!’

Great I thought – What the hell is Gravatar? – So, I started to search – and very quickly found the answer to my avatar And, I must say now, that within seconds of registering my frustrations started to melt away. In fact, I started to fall in love all over again (even though I’m a happily married woman).

So why did I fall in love with Gravator?

Well, that’s simple, because it’s free, simple and solved my headache! (unlike my husband who is complex, costs me loads, and always making my head spin!)

All you have to do is, Upload your picture once and then connect it to whichever email address you want to use – and that’s it!

You can sign up for a free account in the seconds. You just need to sign up using email address, respond to the activation email that they send you, and then add an image straight from your computer.

Once you’ve added an image – you can crop it to the correct size and then rate it (basically you decide what sites you want our avatar to be seen on – this is explained within the video).

One of the cool things is that you can upload as many pictures as you want and you can swap them whenever you like or assign them to different email addresses.

Gravatar is supported by loads of forums and blogs and it gives you a bit of a professional look and credibility when you leave a comment somewhere – and, it also helps a bit with your marketing efforts because you’re more likely to get people clicking on your avatar or link to visit your website.

REMEMBER: Gravatar is free and can make your online life easier – so why not get one today!

You can see my Gravatar ‘avatar’ below this post.

Please let me know if I’ve missed something out and/or post a comment, along with your avatar, bellow this post.

Have you forgotten this simple SEO tip?

Here is a quick SEO tip that should hopefully increase the amount of traffic you get through to your website.

Here’s the short version of the tip:

Add a clickable link to your website underneath each of your YouTube videos!

Here’s the long version of the tip:

Make sure that all of your YouTube videos – the one’s you have done for you business that is – have a clickable link underneath them so that viewers can easily visit your website after watching your video.

It always surprises me just how many people forget to add a clickable link underneath their videos, opting instead to display their website address at the end of the video or by writing their website address somewhere in the text below their video.

These methods are ok providing that the viewer watches all of the video and has a pen handy, the time to write down your website address, and then have the inclination to type this into their address bar. I can tell you now that most viewers don’t want this hassle.

Or, if you have written your website address in the text below your YouTube video, well at least this is better than nothing but again you’re making it difficult for the interested view to visit you website as they have to copy and paste your url into their address bar.

What to do!

So the best thing to do is create a clickable link within your text (blurb about the video), preferably at the beginning somewhere, by simply starting your website address with http:// – for example You’ll notice I haven’t added ‘www’ as there’s no need to.

What not to do!

Here’s an example of a Youtube video promoting a musical band that has had thousands of views but where they have forgotten to add a clickable link. You can’t afford to lose such a huge amount traffic!

My final thoughts about this tip

This is only a very small thing that you can do to increase the amount of traffic that you get to your website but as they say every little bit helps.


Don’t wait until you next add a video to Youtube to start adding clickable links – instead go to your Youtube account right now and add clickable links to all of your existing video is they haven’t already done so!

Can you add to this tip?

Share your views on this with me by leaving a comment in the box below.

All the best,

Goga Farruggia-Bochnak
Founder of End Goal Marketing

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Messy Marketing – – got it right!

As a marketing consultant I’m always looking for new marketing ideas to stimulate my thinking. I spend time scouring newspapers, scrutinising every billboard I past, and accepting every flyer that’s thrust upon me.

I’ve made it a habit never to dismiss anything on first impressions and firmly believe that there is always something to be learnt from other peoples marketing material, no matter how good or bad it is.

Cash Back Card

Messy Marketing?

This approach has severed me well over the years I’ve picked up some great ideas and adapted them for some of my own marketing campaigns.

Several weeks ago I picked up a postcard size flyer advertising a company called – basically a pay-as-you-go debit card company that give you cash back on all of your spending.

The flyer I picked up was bright red on one side and white on the other. The white side was so cram-packed with information that it was almost impossible for me to work out what it was promoting. (I later counted around 140 words on this side – which is way too much for a postcard size flyer). It’s only saving grace was that it had the companies name ‘’ boldly printed across the top which instantly clued me in to its content.

It was so messy that I didn’t bother to try and read it and just flipped the flyer over to its red side.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had actually left lots of ‘white space’ around a very clear call to action – basically stating three steps that people needed to take to sign up for a free online account and instore card.

The clarity of this call to action, the ‘white space’ around it, and, the contrast between this and the other side of the flyer made me wonder if they had deliberately overloaded the white side with information to make the call to action stand out.

voucher code 9H3W-LPJM-6Z4W tracking ID 2065

I wondered if this was a new marketing ploy – ‘Messy Marketing’ perhaps?

Needless to say I was impressed enough – visited their website, signed up for a free account, enter voucher code and got £3.99 as a welcome bonus, and then a few days later signed up for an instore cash back card which has now replaced my debit card.

It seems like got their messy marketing to work on me – which I must say I’m glad of as I’ve had over £120 cash back on my spending so far.

£120 cashback

5% cashback

3% cashback

£4 cashback

£80 cashback

8% cashback

8% cashback

£70 cashback

8% cashback

9% cashback

3.5% cashback

5% cashback

My final thoughts

All though I haven’t had a chance to ask the company if the messy side of their flyer was a deliberate attempt to get their call to action to stand out, it has made me think quite a lot lately about ‘messy marketing’.

I’m wondering if I should design a flyer for End Goal Marketing and on one side overload it with small text that explains how important white space is, and on the other side have one simple but very strong call to action like:

“Visit and browse our Video Based Directory to find a marketing company that knows the value of white space!”

What do you think?

I’m curious to find out if you has ever come across this type of marketing – is there a ‘messy marketing’ concept out there that I just haven’t heard about?

Please post a comment below and let us know what you think.

Goga Farruggia-Bochnak
Founder of End Goal Marketing

What is Alexa? – A new user’s perspective on Alexa ranking

I’m just getting into Alexa and am still learning about it so please forgive me – all of you Alexa experts out there – if I’ve got a few things mixed up (please post a comment below if I have).

Well, here goes… my understanding of Alexa so far:

In a nutshell, Alexa is a web information service, founded in 1996 and owned by It provides its users with an intelligent toolbar, which is free to download, that makes suggestions about which websites users should visited.

The toolbar, which is powered by Google, suggest websites that have been visited the most by the Alexa community – basically everyone who has downloaded the Alexa toolbar.

It’s quite a useful toolbar to have running alongside your browser as it provides information on the websites that have been suggested. For example, it gives you a bit of blurb about the websites, how many pages they have, and when they were last updated. This is really handy as it gives you the ability to check out lots of website very quickly so that you can find the ones that might be of use to you.

The rank Alexa gives to websites is updated on a daily basis – which I was so pleased to hear about – as it stopped me checking my own ranking every five minutes!

What’s clever is that when Alexa calculate the rank of each website they take into account the previous rank value of the website in order to avoid massive jumps in rank status taking place. So for example, if all of a sudden lots of new information is posted on a website and loads of people from the Alexa community pop over to have a look, then this website wouldn’t overnight receive a higher ranking than website that have had a steady flow of traffic to them… Well, that’s how I’ve interpreted this.

I must admit then I was quite disheartened when I first installed the toolbar last week (beginning of November 2010) as my ranking was around 8.5 million! That meant that there were 8,500,000 websites that were more likely to be visited by the Alexa community before mine – I couldn’t believe it!

But then after only a few days it dropped to around 5 million and now on writing this article it’s down to just over 3 million. Naturally I want to get this figure down as low as possible as quickly as I can.

Remember: The lower your Alexa ranking number is, the more your website is being visited or likely to be visited.

A tip on how to quickly improve you Alexa ranking

As your ranking is based on the numbers of visits your website gets from Alexa users, why not promote Alexa amongst your current viewers or to your list if you have one. You could add a ‘download Alexa’ button on your website like I have. The more of your visitors that download it the better your ranking will soon become.

Remember: All of your current visitors that aren’t using the Alexa toolbar aren’t going towards your ranking.

My final thoughts

It’s difficult for me to say at the moment if getting a good Alexa ranking is going to make a massive difference to my SEO, but the way I look at it is, that I cant afford not to give it a try just incase it does!

What are your thoughts about Alexa?

Please share your views, thoughts, tips and ideas with me.

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Win a Facebook Business Page Worth £200!

Great News!

We are running a FREE to enter prize draw from now until the officially launch of End Goal Marketing – 18th January 2011 – where you can WIN a custom built Facebook Business Page Worth £200 for your Company.

(This prize has been kindly donated to us by TV News Videos)

Here’s what you have to do to enter:*

1. Visit the End Goal Marketing Facebook Business Page,
2. Click the like button,
3. Leave a comment on our wall explaining a bit about what your company offers.

And that’s all you have to do!

Then, on the 18th January 2011 we will ask a trustworthy soul (we haven’t decided who yet) to randomly pick the winner.*

Please enter even if you already have a Facebook Business Page – if you win you can give it away to one of your clients or to a local charity.

* Then winner will be contacted on Monday 24th January 2011 and then we will announce who they are on our Facebook Business Page and on this website too.

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10 Top Tips on Free Link Building – Video SEO Tutorial

If you’re trying to get your website ranked on the treasured first page of Google then here’s a great video tutorial explaining 10 basic link building techniques that you can use to improve your  SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

10 Top Link Building Techniques by Creare Group

In video below the Creare Team explain 10 Top Tips on link building:

1. Give something back to the community
2. Create a list of resources
3. Social network – target a correct audience
4. PPC to generate related traffic
5. Don’t get bogged down – don’t get stuck with one technique, use a wide range of link building techniques
6. Submit your website to directories – list your company in directory related to your theme
7. Social media marketing – use Facebook and Twitter account to promote your blogging activity
8. Be Topical and Relevant – give you readers something with value what they can share for you
9. Focus on your website design. Be unique easy to navigate – people more likely will bookmark your page
10. Give away something cool – create something that is positive, unique and that people want to see or use

And remember: When link building You must consider two main factors. First, make sure that your backlinks or outgoing links are on websites related to your theme.  Second, make sure that your banklinks are on websites with a good page rank, and Alexa rank.

Please feel free to add anything that’s missing from this list in the comments section below.

Creare are one of the leading web design and SEO companies in the UK, also specialising in online marketing, video production and graphic design.

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Chaplins Time Traveller – 4 million views in 2 weeks

This video is about a piece of footage that George Clarke discovered whilst watching a Charlie Chaplin film from 1928 called ‘The Circus’. In one of the scenes you can see an old woman talking on a mobile phone – how can this be possible?

Carlie Chaplin

This is a great example of a video that’s gone viral virtually overnight!

What are your views on why this video went viral?

Did it all start with a few comments and re-links by friends and family who then did the same – etc, etc, etc, until it starts being viewed by thousands of people each day, then hundreds of thousands, and then millions?

What made this video such an instant viral success story? Was it the catch title, the smart tagging, the high level of intrigue, or our natural instinct to pass something good on to others?

Please leave a comment below and share you views on this with us…

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Top Marketing Tips – If it Moves, Measure it!

6) Measure your results

Measure the Results of Your Marketing Efforts

How important is it to measure results?

Well, I would say that for entrepreneurs, measuring the results of their marketing efforts is one of the most important things they can do as it creates opportunity to make ongoing adjustments to their marketing plan – which ultimately lead to an increase in sales. Yet despite this, I have worked with so many entrepreneurs who have tended not to bother measuring the results of their specific marketing campaigns opting only to measure the overall results from their making plan.

My advice to you, if you are one of these ‘big picture’ entrepreneurs, is to take time to measure the results from all of your marketing efforts no matter how small or unimportant you think they may be. If you put an ad in the local paper then take time to write down how many enquires it generates and whether they came in via telephone calls or emails. If you keep a WordPress blog then make sure you install the ‘StatPress’ plugin so that you can measure the effectiveness of your blogging efforts. If you hand out loads of flyers then make sure you find ways to measure the response rate you get from doing this – for example, you could create a new email address specifically for the flyers, or put a discount code on them so that you can differentiate the enquires that come in from flyers to those coming in from other campaigns. In a nutshell, if it moves, find ways to measure it!

The trick is to measure everything so that you know which activities to do more of and which ones you might be better off ditching! And, by measuring everything you also create the opportunity to ‘fail small’, a trick that I picked up from one of the articles I read on Chris Cardell’s website several years ago. Basically, if you measure the results you get from a small scale marketing campaign you are able to use these measurements to forecast the success you are likely to get from a large scale one. Naturally, if a small scale campaign fails then it’s not worth doing it on a larger scale as it will probably fail too!

Share your ideas and/or tips on this subject with us by leaving a comment – thanks in advance.

All the best,

Goga Farruggia-Bochnak
Founder of End Goal Marketing

NB. The above tip is the sixth in a series of seven that I have written – here is a list of the others that I will be posting shortly:
7) Adjust your marketing plan

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9 ‘Must Read’ Articles for Budding Entrepreneurs

I was doing a bit of surfing this morning and came across a very interesting blog called ‘The Emotion Machine: The Space Between Mind and World’. Written by Steven Handel. Click here to visit his blog.

I was struck by nine short articles that Steven has written about entrepreneurship so thought I’d give them a bit of a plug on the End Goal Marketing website along with a reason or two re why I found them interesting. The post are:

1) ‘5 Demands of the New Economy’

This is a stimulating post with some of Steven’s thinking in the following areas: Digital, Empathy, Creativity, Abundance, and Story-telling – I found out an interesting fact about Amazon!

2) ‘Interview: Peter Shallard, The Shrink for Entrepreneurs’

This post covers Steven’s second interview with business psychology expert Peter Shallard – You can get a PDF download of a free E-book called ‘Seek and Destroy: How to Identify Entrepreneurial Obstacles and How to Overcome Them’. Peter Shallard pays some nice complements to entrepreneurs, which were nice to read as its always good to have our egos massaged from time to time!

3) ‘Make Plans to Change Plans’

I really like how Steven highlights how planning takes place during action and that it is continually evolving moment-by-moment.

4) ‘Coming up with a business idea’

Some interesting tips here as well as seven useful questions to ask yourself whilst in the process of thrashing around your thinking in search of a good business idea.

5) ‘The Business of Spreading Your Wings’

In this post Steven shares how he has used emails, social media, newsletters, blogs, Youtube, and Skype to reach out to the world and get noticed. There are some good pointers in this post.

6) ‘Mindful Risk-Taking: In Life and in Business’

I found this post to be very interesting as it highlights the necessity of taking risks to get noticed – I enjoyed reading this post and came away from it feeling a sense of admiration for Steven for his openness about himself.

7) ‘How to Combat Work Overload’

Some good tips here about lessening the strains of a heavy workload – I particularly like two of them, ‘taking a siesta or two’ and ‘taking a day off!’

8) ‘Business-Minded Spirituality’

An interesting read if you grapple with balancing the business and spiritual sides of your mind.

And last but not least,

9) ‘It’s Not Everything, But It’s OK to Want Wealth’

Some great justifications for becoming stinking rich! And why not!

All the best and hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I did,

Goga Farruggia-Bochnak
Founder of End Goal Marketing

Have you something to add? It would be great to hear what you think of these posts – leave your comments here and/or on Steven’s blog

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Top Marketing Tips – Create a marketing strategy

5) Create a marketing strategy

Create a marketing strategy

Whenever I’ve mention the words ‘marketing strategy’ to entrepreneurs in the past I’ve tended to get two quite different responses. Some have run off with a look of fear on their faces – I’m not sure why as I’ve never seen any of these people again; I think they’ve been purposefully avoiding me. Whilst some have managed to stay put and even looked quite interested in what I was about to share with them. Mind you thinking about, these people didn’t have much chance of running off as they’d seen me lock the door and put the key in my pocket before I brought the subject up.

So, why is it that many entrepreneurs find writing a marketing strategy something that they would rather put off or even not bother ever doing? Perhaps it’s something to do with how overcomplicated some people think marketing strategies need to be along with a worry that it will take an inordinate amount of time to write one. Yet, having a clearly defined marketing strategy will, providing that it’s followed, bring in the money a lot quicker, in larger amounts, and for a longer period of time, than would happen by just playing things by ear, so to speak.

The trick is to keep your marketing strategy as uncomplicated as you can so that you will actually be able to put it into practice through a well thought through marketing plan, which I will touch on shortly. All that a simple marketing strategy needs is a brief outline of the products or services that you aim to sell, a description of the people you are going to sell them to, and a bit about why your products or services are going to be more appealing to your potential clients than are those provided by your competition. It makes sense to add a few other things too, such as the cost of your products or services, a bit about the way you are going to brand them, how much you are planning to spend on marketing, and also, a description of the goals you aim to fulfil. Your marketing plan, in a nutshell, is basically your ‘action plan’ that describes HOW you are going to achieve all of your goals outlined within your marketing strategy. If you keep an eye on your marketing strategy it will keep you on track by making sure that all of the actions are aimed at achieving your goals!

Good luck with creating a marketing strategy and if you get stuck you can always visit or forum and pick the brains of one of our marketing experts.

All the best,

Goga Farruggia-Bochnak
Founder of End Goal Marketing

NB. The above tip is the fifth in a series of seven that I have written – here is a list of the others that I will be posting shortly:
6) Measure your results
7) Adjust your marketing plan

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Did You Get Google’s Latest SEO Starter Guide?

Get a copy of Google SEO Starter Guide

In September 2010 Google released their latest version of their Search Engine Optimization Starter Guideclick here to get a copy.

As boring as its title may indicate – for all of us non-SEO types – it actually is a very interesting read if you are currently developing a website and want to get as high up in the Google rankings as you can.

I’m not sure why but for some strange reason I read it from the last page up – I tend to do this with novels but never end up reading all of the story as it’s not very gripping once you know the ending… But on this occasion I started at the end and read the whole document right up to the first page.

I’ve passed it on to the rest of the team who are working on the website so that we all share the same knowledge and avoid making silly mistakesGoogle can be so unforgiving you know!

All the best,

Goga Farruggia-Bochnak
Founder of End Goal Marketing

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Second week of End Goal Marketing Action!

It’s been another busy week for the End Goal Marketing team with lots of progress having been made, but before I tell you all about this, I want to tell you about the fun we had on Wednesday evening as I tried to record a short video to welcome everyone to our Video Based Directory.

Goga Farruggia-Bochnak - Founder

Making a video isn’t as easy as it looks and I take my hat off to anyone that can sit in front of a camera and create a video that they are happy with within a couple of takes. On Wednesday evening I found it almost impossible to record a video that I was happy with despite nearly 100 takes! I kept on forgetting my lines, got tongue-tied severally times, and deliberately distracted by the rest of the team more than ten times!

Here are some of the retakes to prove how difficult I fount it!

Click here to watch the final take that I was reasonably happy with…

Moving on to more ground breaking news…

On Tuesday we posted a great article written especially for our blog by Charlotte Rose, Director at Tellit Marketing and Communication Limited. Charlotte’s post, titled ‘Gordon Ramsay needs to follow his own marketing recipe’, puts forward five marketing tips that have been writing in Ramsay fashion, i.e. in his jargon free, no nonsense style. I really enjoyed reading this post, so thank you very much Charlotte for taking the time to write it for us – I’m sure our members and blog visitors will enjoy reading it too, and I’m sure they will find it very useful.

And to finish off, I’d like to give you a quick update on two other things – the ‘find an Expert’ Video Based Directory, and the ‘Ask and Expert’ Forum.

Well, the Video Based Directory has come on in leaps and bounds this week. We have decided on what it should look like and how it is going to be organised. One of the most important considerations has been to try and find a way to make it as simple as possible to navigate around. We haven’t put the changes in place yet but we will have by the end of next week.

Moving on to the forum – well what a lot of fun and games I had trying to install this! It involved delving into the nerve centre of our hosting space where all the clever and complicated stuff lives. I was faced with the almost impossible task of creating a database and lots of other stuff that I’ve never done before. It nearly drove me to desperation trying to work out how to get this sorted out. Luckily I met a very kind guy called ‘quicoto’ from Spain on the forum (check out quicoto’s blog) who managed to help me get it all sorted out.

The forum can now be reached by clicking on the ‘Ask an Expert– Forum tab in the menu bar. I’m going to try and integrate the forum into the website so that it looks like one of our website pages. It’s looking a bit drab at the moment, but, as they say ‘don’t judge a forum by its cover’, so please join it now and be first to kick off some useful discussions about marketing for future members to read on their arrival.

Anyway that’s all for now folks!

All the best and I looking forward to bringing you another news blast at the end of next week,

Goga Farruggia-Bochnak
Founder of End Goal Marketing

IAB – Winners of this Week’s ‘Featured Video’ Award

We are pleased to announce that this week’s winner of End Goal Marketing’s coveted ‘Featured Video’ award goes to the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) for producing a fantastic video explaining the power of video on the internet. It’s well worth watching especially if you are serious about marketing your business online using video.

The IAB is the trade association for online advertising. The IAB have more than 540 members and focus on the internet industry in the UK. The IAB have loads of really interesting things about videos and marketing.

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Top Marketing Tips – Find the best marketing company you can afford

4) Find the best marketing company you can afford

Find the best marketing company you can afford

Several years ago I met a friend of mine, who I hadn’t seen for a few years, at a local networking event. After spending half an hour or so catching up on things that had happened to us since we last saw each other, he told me about the rough ride he was having with the marketing company he had employed. He moaned about how he just couldn’t get on with them, how they never delivered on their promises, and how they never returned any of his calls. When I asked him how he had found this particular company he told me that he had bumped into someone at a bar who worked at the marketing company so he took their card and called them the next day. Fair enough I thought, as some great connections can be made in social settings. Then I asked him if the company had met all of his initial criteria that he surely must have set before he took them on. He looked at me quite blankly and told me that he hadn’t evaluated them against any criteria at all. I wasn’t that surprised to hear this as I’ve met quite a few people over the years that have chosen a particular marketing company on a whim without having put any really thought into what they expect from that company.

So, to reduce the likelihood of anything like what happened to my friend from happening to you it pays to come up with some criteria that you can evaluate prospective marketing company against. For example, you might want to find out how well they market themselves, how well they have marketed their clients in the past, if they are part of any marketing associations, how much flare they have, what their values are, and naturally whether or not their prices fall within your budget. You should be able to get most of this information from their website, oh, and don’t forget to check out their testimonials section whilst your there. Then, if you like the look of the company give them a call, tell them about your venture, and ask them for examples of how they have represented other clients with similar needs to those that you have.

A good tip is to shop around and don’t settle on the first company that satisfies all of your criteria. Try and find at least three companies that hit all of your criteria then pick the best one that you can afford.

All the best and I look forward to hearing any comments that you may have about this post,

Goga Farruggia-Bochnak
Founder of End Goal Marketing

NB. The above tip is the fourth in a series of seven that I have written – here is a list of the others that I will be posting shortly:

5) Create a marketing strategy
6) Measure your results
7) Adjust your marketing plan

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Top Marketing Tips – Allocate Yourself a Marketing Budget

3) Allocate yourself a marketing budget

Allocate yourself a marketing budget

I was recently talking to a struggling business woman about something totally unrelated to marketing when she asked me what I did for a living. When I told her that I was a marketing consultant she quite openly told me that she would never consider employing the services of a marketing company. When I asked her why, she explained that employing a marketing company was a luxury that she could never afford. “Anyway”, she said, “they would never be able to increase my sales to a point where it would cover the cost of employing them in the first place!” I was just about to challenge her view but didn’t get a chance as she quickly changed the conversation back to the topic we had previously been discussing. So, later that day, with her comment about marketing companies still ringing in my ears, I went online to have a look at her website. It was so evident from one quick scan of her website that she was missing out on so many potential sales that I’m confident would come about if she employed the services of a marketing consultant.

The point I’m making is that employing a marketing company or consultant shouldn’t be seen as a ‘luxury’ that you can afford to indulge in once you have made some money. Rather, employing the services of a marketing company should be viewed as one of the most important elements within your business plan. It’s should be seen as something that you can’t afford NOT to do rather that the other way around. Now, I’m sure many entrepreneurs, especially those on a tight budget, will be thinking to themselves that I’m bound to say this as I’m a marketing consultant myself. Well, of course I’m bound to say this but that’s only because from my own professional experience I have seen so many small businesses loose potential sales that would far outweigh the cost of employing a marketing professional. Spending a few hundred pounds on professional marketing advice has brought some companies millions of pounds in return. Remember, a good marketing company’s goal is to help you make much more money than you would if you didn’t employ their services – otherwise what would be the point!

But, what should you do if you are on a very tight budget and really can’t afford professional marketing support. Well, my answer to this is to become your own marketing expert until you can afford to pay for a marketing company with years of experience to take you to the next level. The book shops are full of great books on marketing that are cram packed with great ideas, tips, and marketing strategies that you can adapt for your own business. Then of course there’s all the knowledge in the world that can be gained from the internet. Not to mention all of the great marketing forums that exist online where you can pick the brains of professionals on any given aspect of marketing imaginable. By the time you have the money to pay for professional marketing support you will be fully empowered and a mini marketing expert. The marketing company that you eventually employ will love this as they won’t have to spend valuable time trying to educate you but instead get on with helping you to make your business an even bigger success!

All the best and I look forward to hearing any comments that you may have about this post,

Goga Farruggia-Bochnak
Founder of End Goal Marketing

NB. The above tip is the third in a series of seven that I have written – here is a list of the others that I will be posting shortly:
4) Find the best marketing company you can afford
5) Create a marketing strategy
6) Measure your results
7) Adjust your marketing plan

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Top Marketing Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs – Do Your Research

Do your Research

2) Do your research

I’m always surprised just how many people plough lots of money into creating a marketing strategy for their new project without having done some basic research first. It seems that many people just rely on their gut feeling about a business idea. This is ok if your intuition works well for you and if you don’t hit any hidden obstacles that could have been avoided if you had carried out some basic research. I’m sure that we’ve all heard of business people, especially the entrepreneurial types, who never do any research before undertaking new ventures yet seem to have one success after another based solely on their intuition. From my own experience I can tell you that these people are far and few between. So, don’t take a chance and get some research done before you set sail and invest precious time and money into creating a marketing strategy for your new venture.

A good starting point might be to search the internet to see if your ideal already exists. If you are lucky and it doesn’t then great! Though, chances are it will already exist in some shape or form no matter how unique you think your idea is. By using key word searches you will no doubt come across something similar or even the same as your idea. Now don’t let this put you off as it’s the ‘things’ out there that are similar or even exactly the same as your idea that you will be able to learn from. Now we have all heard of the expression ‘don’t reinvent the wheel’ well that is good advice – but what you can do is put a new spin on the wheel. In other words you can research the ‘things’ that are similar or the same as your own idea and then put a unique slant on your idea to make it original. For example, could you adapt your idea so that it, solve a different problem, be used for a different purpose, offer a slightly different service, or even be packaged up in a more exciting way?

In essence, carrying out some basic research will help you to shape your all important ‘unique selling point’ that will help you turn your idea into something that will be marketable and ultimately sellable. Whilst you’re doing your research you’ll also be able to check out the competition and see what they are up too, i.e. how they are pitching things, who their target audience is, how much they charge, and, how they are marketing themselves. Now, I’m not saying you should pinch other people’s ideas or rip off their marketing approach, far from it. What I am saying is that it’s always good to know how other people are pitching a product or service similar or the same as your own. And, hopefully if you’re anything like me, you’ll come away from a few hours of online research feeling stimulated, inspired and full of new and exciting ideas that will help you to create your own marketing strategy.

All the best and I look forward to hearing any comments that you may have about this post,

Goga Farruggia-Bochnak
Founder of End Goal Marketing

NB. The above tip is the second in a series of seven that I have written – here is a list of the others that I will be posting shortly:
3) Allocate yourself a marketing budget
4) Find the best marketing company you can afford
5) Create a marketing strategy
6) Measure your results
7) Adjust your marketing plan

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Top Marketing Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs – Picture Your End Goal

Here is the first of a series of Top Marketing Tips that I’ve written for Budding Entrepreneurs:

Picture Your Eng Goal

1) Picture your end goal first

A good starting point when thinking of ways to market your product or service is to begin by picturing your end goal first. Try to create a strong mental image of what the world will look and feel like once your product or service is flying off the shelves. If you can, picture the type of people who will be using your product or service. Ask yourself questions about these people, for example, ‘What do they look like?’, ‘Where do they live?’, ‘How old are they?’, ‘How much spending power do they have?’, and more specifically, ‘What is it about your product or service that will have caused them to have bought into it on an emotional level?’

The more vividly you create this mental image the better, but if like many people, you are not able to conjure up strong visual imagery then why not create a physical one instead by making a picture board. You can cut out images from magazines or go online and print off pictures that represent your thinking. Or, you can create a power point presentation that represents how you see your end goal. The main point is that you have something that represents your vision of the future (i.e. your end goal) for you to work from.

The next step is to try to identify all of the things that will need to happen to get you to your end goal and make everything you have been visualising come true. A great way to do this is to work backwards from your end goal to the present day identifying the key steps that you will have taken on the way. As you carry out this exercise it pays to write down the key steps you identify. If you have the energy it might also pay for you to create a mini visualisation for each of the steps. I tend to skip this bit of the process as I’m always too excited to get on with things but I’m sure I would get even better results if I took the time to create mini visualisations for each key step. Then the next thing is to just work towards completing each of the key steps you have written down. Naturally, the faster you manage to complete all of your key steps the quicker you will reach your end goal.

All the best and I look forward to hearing any comments that you may have about this post,

Goga Farruggia-Bochnak
Founder of End Goal Marketing

NB. The above tip is the first in a series of seven that I have written – here is a list of the others that I will be posting shortly:

2) Do your research
3) Allocate yourself a marketing budget
4) Find the best marketing company you can afford
5) Create a marketing strategy
6) Measure your results
7) Adjust your marketing plan

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A Round up of End Goal Marketing’s First Week of Action

Goga Farruggia-Bochnak - Founder

Well the week is quickly coming to an end so before the last minute rush of Friday hits me I thought I’d give you a brief update on what’s been going on at End Goal Marketing HQ this week.

It’s been a busy but really enjoyable week – the team have made great progress on the development of our website. It should be completed by the end of next week – fingers crossed. As you may have picked up, if you’ve already had a look around the website, we should have our ‘Ask an Expert’ Forum up and running very soon. I’m really looking forward to being able to open the doors of the forum and start inviting loads of marketing professionals and business people to join – I’ve got a feeling that we are going to attract some really great people to this forum.

Whilst the website development has been going on I have been busy approaching lots of marketing companies from across the UK to tell them about End Goal Marketing. I’ve had a great response and spoke to some really interesting people who seemed keen on the ideal of posting a video in our directory. I could hear one of the directors that I was talking to searching through her storage cupboards desperately looking for her old camcorder so her company could be one of the first to get listed within the directory. A couple of the other people I spoke to said that they are going to get a professionally produced video done for our site – which is really cool.

A fantastic offer came our way early on Tuesday morning – let me tell you about. It was around 10.30am-ish when I got a call from Steve at TV News Videos who asked if he could sponsor all of the links that will be visible under the videos within our directory. It was great to receive this offer – which I was very happy to accept – as it not only means that we will have some money coming in to help finance this project but it also acted as another validation that we are developing a useful recourse for business people. It felt great that someone has spotted the potential of End Goal Marketing very early on in our development.

Oh, and by the way – whilst I was chatting with Steve I managed to twist his arm into giving all of our members an additional 10% discount on the videos they produce in conjunction with any other offers that they are running. I was very pleased with this and I hope that lots of our members will take advantage of this as it will be great to see lots of TV style videos being listed within our directory.

And one more thing before I go – I’d like to say thank you to everyone on the team for all of their hard work so far – I’m really confident that with their tireless effort we will have End Goal Marketing bursting onto thousands of computer screens across the UK before the month is out!

And to anyone who wants to offer support – we are open to any suggestion and we’ll always appreciate your assistance. Together we can make a difference; we can make the marketing world a little bit better.

All the best and look forward to updating you on developments very soon,

Goga Farruggia-Bochnak

Founder of End Goal Marketing

Big Button – Winners of this Week’s ‘Featured Video’ Award

Featured Video of the Week

This week’s winner of End Goal Marketing’s coveted ‘Featured Video’ award goes to Big Button – a very professional Birmingham based company that seem to be really down to earth. We think their video – showing the services of Big Button, is really cool and so creative. We rate the Big Button website too – it’s so easy to navigate around, there are loads of fantastic videos on there to watch, and the animated character on the home page is brilliant!

Click here to view Big Button’s contact details within our video directory.

Big Button

TV News Videos Gets There First!

We would like to welcome TV News Videos to our ‘Find an Expert’ Video Directory and congratulate them for being first to join!

TV News Videos produce ‘As Seen on TV’ style videos to assist companies to market themselves more effectively online. Apparently having video on your website increases the stickiness of the page.

The cool thing is that you can watch a video on their home page about the videos they produce – this is just up our street and exactly what we want to achieve within our Video Directory.

What we really love about the videos they produce is that they use professional news readers to do the presenting. The video that we watched on their home page is presented by Sky news reader Tasmin Roberts and she did a great job at promoting TV News Videos in the right light.

TV News Videos also give a few examples of the videos they have produced with links through to their client’s websites so that you can see what the videos look like once they have been embedded on actual websites.

We spoke to Steve, one of the partners at TV News Videos, today and he said that he is happy to give all of our members an additional 10% off the cost of video production and that he is prepared to do this in conjunction with any special offers that they may be running. (If you order a video off them then don’t forget to tell Steve or one of the team that you are a member on this website so that you will qualify for this offer).

TV News Videos have also generously sponsored all of the links that are visable under each video that will be listed within our video directory – which is great as it’s got our ‘sponsor a link’ campaign off to a flying start!

TV News Videos

You can visit the TV News Videos website at

Click here to watch the video posted within our video directory.

The Concept behind End Goal Marketing

Goga Farruggia-Bochnak

It’s Early Days at End Goal Marketing but the concept is getting stronger by the hour. Concepts are funny old things especially in the early stages of a project when you’re trying to get what’s going on in your head to materialise in a way that you’re happy with.

I had the idea for End Goal Marketing several months ago but like many of my ideas it got put on the back burner section of my mind whilst I pressed on with a few other projects. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing to do as it actually gave me a bit more time to think about the concept of End Goal Marketing in more depth.

I knew that I wanted to put together a free resource for business people, especially those who are new to business that would be aimed at offering free marketing support, advice and guidance. The question was what shape would this take?

Over the years I’ve come across loads of business people who ask me for advice on how to find a good marketing company. This question has always struck me as being a bit strange especially as the internet is jam packed with marketing companies for people to choose from. So why have I been asked this question on so many occasions?
After giving it some thought and after carrying out a bit of research I concluded that it might have something to do with the fact that the majority of websites advertising the services of marketing companies don’t have much in the way of video on them. They mainly tend to be text based websites – with many of them using marketing speak that most probably reads like the installation instructions for a car stereo to most people.

Getting back to the point of this post – ‘the concept’ behind End Goal Marketing – I decided that I would create a video directory that would enable business people to view videos of marketing companies in order to get a feel for what they are offering. Now this is no easy task as you can imagine as there are thousands of marketing companies out there. So, please stick with me as I work my way through as many of them as I can.

Another aspect of the concept of End Goal Marketing is to put business people in touch with kind hearted marketing professionals who will be able to offer them some free marketing support via a forum on this website. Now, I know that there are already loads of great forums on the Net that do exactly this – so there is nothing new here. But, I thought that what might be a bit different within the forum on this site is that each of the marketing professional on the forum will be linked to the video about their company – this will help users to get a good feel for who they are talking to. I’m still trying to work out how to install a forum on this website but hope to have this sorted out within the next few days.

So to sum up there are really just two aspects to the concept that lies behind End Goal Marketing – an ‘Ask an Expert’ Forum and a ‘Find an Expert’ Video Directory. Both aspects naturally being geared to support business people to reach their end goal as quickly and as effectively as possible. I’m reluctant to add much more to the End Goal Marketing concept as I really want to keep it simple and focused.

Well must dash as I’ve got loads of work to do!

All the best,

Goga Farruggia-Bochnak

Founder of End Goal Marketing

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