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Messy Marketing – – got it right!

As a marketing consultant I’m always looking for new marketing ideas to stimulate my thinking. I spend time scouring newspapers, scrutinising every billboard I past, and accepting every flyer that’s thrust upon me.

I’ve made it a habit never to dismiss anything on first impressions and firmly believe that there is always something to be learnt from other peoples marketing material, no matter how good or bad it is.

Cash Back Card

Messy Marketing?

This approach has severed me well over the years I’ve picked up some great ideas and adapted them for some of my own marketing campaigns.

Several weeks ago I picked up a postcard size flyer advertising a company called – basically a pay-as-you-go debit card company that give you cash back on all of your spending.

The flyer I picked up was bright red on one side and white on the other. The white side was so cram-packed with information that it was almost impossible for me to work out what it was promoting. (I later counted around 140 words on this side – which is way too much for a postcard size flyer). It’s only saving grace was that it had the companies name ‘’ boldly printed across the top which instantly clued me in to its content.

It was so messy that I didn’t bother to try and read it and just flipped the flyer over to its red side.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had actually left lots of ‘white space’ around a very clear call to action – basically stating three steps that people needed to take to sign up for a free online account and instore card.

The clarity of this call to action, the ‘white space’ around it, and, the contrast between this and the other side of the flyer made me wonder if they had deliberately overloaded the white side with information to make the call to action stand out.

voucher code 9H3W-LPJM-6Z4W tracking ID 2065

I wondered if this was a new marketing ploy – ‘Messy Marketing’ perhaps?

Needless to say I was impressed enough – visited their website, signed up for a free account, enter voucher code and got £3.99 as a welcome bonus, and then a few days later signed up for an instore cash back card which has now replaced my debit card.

It seems like got their messy marketing to work on me – which I must say I’m glad of as I’ve had over £120 cash back on my spending so far.

£120 cashback

5% cashback

3% cashback

£4 cashback

£80 cashback

8% cashback

8% cashback

£70 cashback

8% cashback

9% cashback

3.5% cashback

5% cashback

My final thoughts

All though I haven’t had a chance to ask the company if the messy side of their flyer was a deliberate attempt to get their call to action to stand out, it has made me think quite a lot lately about ‘messy marketing’.

I’m wondering if I should design a flyer for End Goal Marketing and on one side overload it with small text that explains how important white space is, and on the other side have one simple but very strong call to action like:

“Visit and browse our Video Based Directory to find a marketing company that knows the value of white space!”

What do you think?

I’m curious to find out if you has ever come across this type of marketing – is there a ‘messy marketing’ concept out there that I just haven’t heard about?

Please post a comment below and let us know what you think.

Goga Farruggia-Bochnak
Founder of End Goal Marketing

What is Alexa? – A new user’s perspective on Alexa ranking

I’m just getting into Alexa and am still learning about it so please forgive me – all of you Alexa experts out there – if I’ve got a few things mixed up (please post a comment below if I have).

Well, here goes… my understanding of Alexa so far:

In a nutshell, Alexa is a web information service, founded in 1996 and owned by It provides its users with an intelligent toolbar, which is free to download, that makes suggestions about which websites users should visited.

The toolbar, which is powered by Google, suggest websites that have been visited the most by the Alexa community – basically everyone who has downloaded the Alexa toolbar.

It’s quite a useful toolbar to have running alongside your browser as it provides information on the websites that have been suggested. For example, it gives you a bit of blurb about the websites, how many pages they have, and when they were last updated. This is really handy as it gives you the ability to check out lots of website very quickly so that you can find the ones that might be of use to you.

The rank Alexa gives to websites is updated on a daily basis – which I was so pleased to hear about – as it stopped me checking my own ranking every five minutes!

What’s clever is that when Alexa calculate the rank of each website they take into account the previous rank value of the website in order to avoid massive jumps in rank status taking place. So for example, if all of a sudden lots of new information is posted on a website and loads of people from the Alexa community pop over to have a look, then this website wouldn’t overnight receive a higher ranking than website that have had a steady flow of traffic to them… Well, that’s how I’ve interpreted this.

I must admit then I was quite disheartened when I first installed the toolbar last week (beginning of November 2010) as my ranking was around 8.5 million! That meant that there were 8,500,000 websites that were more likely to be visited by the Alexa community before mine – I couldn’t believe it!

But then after only a few days it dropped to around 5 million and now on writing this article it’s down to just over 3 million. Naturally I want to get this figure down as low as possible as quickly as I can.

Remember: The lower your Alexa ranking number is, the more your website is being visited or likely to be visited.

A tip on how to quickly improve you Alexa ranking

As your ranking is based on the numbers of visits your website gets from Alexa users, why not promote Alexa amongst your current viewers or to your list if you have one. You could add a ‘download Alexa’ button on your website like I have. The more of your visitors that download it the better your ranking will soon become.

Remember: All of your current visitors that aren’t using the Alexa toolbar aren’t going towards your ranking.

My final thoughts

It’s difficult for me to say at the moment if getting a good Alexa ranking is going to make a massive difference to my SEO, but the way I look at it is, that I cant afford not to give it a try just incase it does!

What are your thoughts about Alexa?

Please share your views, thoughts, tips and ideas with me.

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Chaplins Time Traveller – 4 million views in 2 weeks

This video is about a piece of footage that George Clarke discovered whilst watching a Charlie Chaplin film from 1928 called ‘The Circus’. In one of the scenes you can see an old woman talking on a mobile phone – how can this be possible?

Carlie Chaplin

This is a great example of a video that’s gone viral virtually overnight!

What are your views on why this video went viral?

Did it all start with a few comments and re-links by friends and family who then did the same – etc, etc, etc, until it starts being viewed by thousands of people each day, then hundreds of thousands, and then millions?

What made this video such an instant viral success story? Was it the catch title, the smart tagging, the high level of intrigue, or our natural instinct to pass something good on to others?

Please leave a comment below and share you views on this with us…

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Are the Yellow Pages still a good way to advertise?

It seems to be affordable, but who is using it?

Are the Yellow Pages still a good way to advertise?

It seems to be affordable, but who is using it?

It would be great to hear your comments on this.

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Did You Get Google’s Latest SEO Starter Guide?

Get a copy of Google SEO Starter Guide

In September 2010 Google released their latest version of their Search Engine Optimization Starter Guideclick here to get a copy.

As boring as its title may indicate – for all of us non-SEO types – it actually is a very interesting read if you are currently developing a website and want to get as high up in the Google rankings as you can.

I’m not sure why but for some strange reason I read it from the last page up – I tend to do this with novels but never end up reading all of the story as it’s not very gripping once you know the ending… But on this occasion I started at the end and read the whole document right up to the first page.

I’ve passed it on to the rest of the team who are working on the website so that we all share the same knowledge and avoid making silly mistakesGoogle can be so unforgiving you know!

All the best,

Goga Farruggia-Bochnak
Founder of End Goal Marketing

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IAB – Winners of this Week’s ‘Featured Video’ Award

We are pleased to announce that this week’s winner of End Goal Marketing’s coveted ‘Featured Video’ award goes to the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) for producing a fantastic video explaining the power of video on the internet. It’s well worth watching especially if you are serious about marketing your business online using video.

The IAB is the trade association for online advertising. The IAB have more than 540 members and focus on the internet industry in the UK. The IAB have loads of really interesting things about videos and marketing.

Link Sponsored by TV News Videos

TV News Videos Gets There First!

We would like to welcome TV News Videos to our ‘Find an Expert’ Video Directory and congratulate them for being first to join!

TV News Videos produce ‘As Seen on TV’ style videos to assist companies to market themselves more effectively online. Apparently having video on your website increases the stickiness of the page.

The cool thing is that you can watch a video on their home page about the videos they produce – this is just up our street and exactly what we want to achieve within our Video Directory.

What we really love about the videos they produce is that they use professional news readers to do the presenting. The video that we watched on their home page is presented by Sky news reader Tasmin Roberts and she did a great job at promoting TV News Videos in the right light.

TV News Videos also give a few examples of the videos they have produced with links through to their client’s websites so that you can see what the videos look like once they have been embedded on actual websites.

We spoke to Steve, one of the partners at TV News Videos, today and he said that he is happy to give all of our members an additional 10% off the cost of video production and that he is prepared to do this in conjunction with any special offers that they may be running. (If you order a video off them then don’t forget to tell Steve or one of the team that you are a member on this website so that you will qualify for this offer).

TV News Videos have also generously sponsored all of the links that are visable under each video that will be listed within our video directory – which is great as it’s got our ‘sponsor a link’ campaign off to a flying start!

TV News Videos

You can visit the TV News Videos website at

Click here to watch the video posted within our video directory.

It’s FREE to Join End Goal Marketing’s ‘Find an Expert’ Video Directory

Be one of the first marketing companies in the UK to join our ‘Find an Expert’ Video Directory – it’s free to join and it will never cost you a penny.

List your company in our 'Video Directory'

The purpose of the Video Directory is to assist business people who are searching for a marketing company within their geographical area the ability to find one by watching videos that showcase the services on offer by the companies listed within our directory. We’re also including a forum so people can chat with marketing professionals that they’ve seen on the videos.

If you would like to get your marketing company listed within our Video Directory then all you have to do is send us your contact details, website address, some blurb about your company offering (max 70 words), and a short video (i.e. a Youtube link) that explains the services that you offer. And, we’ll do the rest! It’s a simple as that.

We will have your video playing within our Video Directory within a few days.

And, if you’re one of the first 100 companies to be listed in our Video Directory we will offer you the opportunity to write a post for our blog that you think will have value for our End Goal Marketing members. We’ll add a back link on the post to your website too – which is always good for a bit of extra SEO.

For more information about our Video Directory please contact me on

All the best and hope to be listing your company with us very soon,

Goga Farruggia-Bochnak

Founder of End Goal Marketing

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