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Reputation is the key to success – Three Top Tips

Strong reputations take time to build and add significant value to the bottom line.

Brands come from creative development and investment; reputation however has to be earned. With the right leadership and customer ethics, a business will become sustainable and profitable. A good reputation also acts as a buffer should a crisis occur, Steve Job, Chairman and Chief Executive of Apple knows this well.

A positive customer experience at every level is critical to reputation.

He has transformed Apple from a company selling quirky, high end computers into a global brand phenomenon, all built on a positive reputation for delivering beautiful design with a true customer focus. With iconic products such as the iPod and iPhone, Apple has become a lifestyle brand with far more influence than just a supplier of consumer electronics.

During the much-reported reception problems experienced by customers of the firm’s new iPhone 4, Jobs intervened directly to address concerns and uphold Apple’s reputation. Although the material fix is reported to have cost the company around $100m, it was the speed and decisive action from Jobs that ensured its hard built reputation was maintained. In fact the company share price increased at the time, despite these problems with the new product.

Customers have remained loyal and continue to buy into the Apple experience, despite the ongoing economic difficulties. The message is simple; a positive customer experience at every level is critical to reputation. Not only does it say a lot about the philosophy behind a company and its leadership but customers will keep coming back provided they are treated properly, after all the customer is king!

Here are our top three tips towards building a positive reputation:

  1. Establish a corporate culture: building a company reputation starts with clear messages from the top, it’s important the team share your vision for the business and ‘buy in’ to the customer experience you would like to deliver.
  2. Empower your staff: say and do the same thing, leading by example is the best way to take people with you. Ask for ideas and include people in decision-making. When people are empowered and love what they do, their passion is transferable and your customers will notice.
  3. Know your customers: Talk to them and get feedback. Understanding your customer’s experience will help align your products and services to meet and exceed their expectations. It’s vital information to help deliver what your customers want.

Reputation is a measure of customer experience and helps to establish a vital emotional link, which goes far beyond individual products and mere brand loyalty. It’s good for business, good for profits and ensures long-term prosperity.

Please share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below…

Written by Paul C Wynn, Director at Tellit Marketing and Communication Limited

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Have you forgotten this simple SEO tip?

Here is a quick SEO tip that should hopefully increase the amount of traffic you get through to your website.

Here’s the short version of the tip:

Add a clickable link to your website underneath each of your YouTube videos!

Here’s the long version of the tip:

Make sure that all of your YouTube videos – the one’s you have done for you business that is – have a clickable link underneath them so that viewers can easily visit your website after watching your video.

It always surprises me just how many people forget to add a clickable link underneath their videos, opting instead to display their website address at the end of the video or by writing their website address somewhere in the text below their video.

These methods are ok providing that the viewer watches all of the video and has a pen handy, the time to write down your website address, and then have the inclination to type this into their address bar. I can tell you now that most viewers don’t want this hassle.

Or, if you have written your website address in the text below your YouTube video, well at least this is better than nothing but again you’re making it difficult for the interested view to visit you website as they have to copy and paste your url into their address bar.

What to do!

So the best thing to do is create a clickable link within your text (blurb about the video), preferably at the beginning somewhere, by simply starting your website address with http:// – for example You’ll notice I haven’t added ‘www’ as there’s no need to.

What not to do!

Here’s an example of a Youtube video promoting a musical band that has had thousands of views but where they have forgotten to add a clickable link. You can’t afford to lose such a huge amount traffic!

My final thoughts about this tip

This is only a very small thing that you can do to increase the amount of traffic that you get to your website but as they say every little bit helps.


Don’t wait until you next add a video to Youtube to start adding clickable links – instead go to your Youtube account right now and add clickable links to all of your existing video is they haven’t already done so!

Can you add to this tip?

Share your views on this with me by leaving a comment in the box below.

All the best,

Goga Farruggia-Bochnak
Founder of End Goal Marketing

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What is Alexa? – A new user’s perspective on Alexa ranking

I’m just getting into Alexa and am still learning about it so please forgive me – all of you Alexa experts out there – if I’ve got a few things mixed up (please post a comment below if I have).

Well, here goes… my understanding of Alexa so far:

In a nutshell, Alexa is a web information service, founded in 1996 and owned by It provides its users with an intelligent toolbar, which is free to download, that makes suggestions about which websites users should visited.

The toolbar, which is powered by Google, suggest websites that have been visited the most by the Alexa community – basically everyone who has downloaded the Alexa toolbar.

It’s quite a useful toolbar to have running alongside your browser as it provides information on the websites that have been suggested. For example, it gives you a bit of blurb about the websites, how many pages they have, and when they were last updated. This is really handy as it gives you the ability to check out lots of website very quickly so that you can find the ones that might be of use to you.

The rank Alexa gives to websites is updated on a daily basis – which I was so pleased to hear about – as it stopped me checking my own ranking every five minutes!

What’s clever is that when Alexa calculate the rank of each website they take into account the previous rank value of the website in order to avoid massive jumps in rank status taking place. So for example, if all of a sudden lots of new information is posted on a website and loads of people from the Alexa community pop over to have a look, then this website wouldn’t overnight receive a higher ranking than website that have had a steady flow of traffic to them… Well, that’s how I’ve interpreted this.

I must admit then I was quite disheartened when I first installed the toolbar last week (beginning of November 2010) as my ranking was around 8.5 million! That meant that there were 8,500,000 websites that were more likely to be visited by the Alexa community before mine – I couldn’t believe it!

But then after only a few days it dropped to around 5 million and now on writing this article it’s down to just over 3 million. Naturally I want to get this figure down as low as possible as quickly as I can.

Remember: The lower your Alexa ranking number is, the more your website is being visited or likely to be visited.

A tip on how to quickly improve you Alexa ranking

As your ranking is based on the numbers of visits your website gets from Alexa users, why not promote Alexa amongst your current viewers or to your list if you have one. You could add a ‘download Alexa’ button on your website like I have. The more of your visitors that download it the better your ranking will soon become.

Remember: All of your current visitors that aren’t using the Alexa toolbar aren’t going towards your ranking.

My final thoughts

It’s difficult for me to say at the moment if getting a good Alexa ranking is going to make a massive difference to my SEO, but the way I look at it is, that I cant afford not to give it a try just incase it does!

What are your thoughts about Alexa?

Please share your views, thoughts, tips and ideas with me.

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10 Top Tips on Free Link Building – Video SEO Tutorial

If you’re trying to get your website ranked on the treasured first page of Google then here’s a great video tutorial explaining 10 basic link building techniques that you can use to improve your  SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

10 Top Link Building Techniques by Creare Group

In video below the Creare Team explain 10 Top Tips on link building:

1. Give something back to the community
2. Create a list of resources
3. Social network – target a correct audience
4. PPC to generate related traffic
5. Don’t get bogged down – don’t get stuck with one technique, use a wide range of link building techniques
6. Submit your website to directories – list your company in directory related to your theme
7. Social media marketing – use Facebook and Twitter account to promote your blogging activity
8. Be Topical and Relevant – give you readers something with value what they can share for you
9. Focus on your website design. Be unique easy to navigate – people more likely will bookmark your page
10. Give away something cool – create something that is positive, unique and that people want to see or use

And remember: When link building You must consider two main factors. First, make sure that your backlinks or outgoing links are on websites related to your theme.  Second, make sure that your banklinks are on websites with a good page rank, and Alexa rank.

Please feel free to add anything that’s missing from this list in the comments section below.

Creare are one of the leading web design and SEO companies in the UK, also specialising in online marketing, video production and graphic design.

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6 Ways to Increase Your Website Conversions by Jerry Holliday

Increase Your Website Conversions

Your website is a marketing tool that should be feeding your business leads, sales or whatever the end goal of your website is. This action is called a conversion and finding ways to increase this is fundamental to the success of your website.

Take an example of 100 visitors a day hitting your website and you get one sale. This gives you a 1% conversion rate. If you want to double your conversions you could either work to double the number of visitors to 200 a day or you could increase the conversion rate to 2% by making changes to your website.

Increasing conversion might involve making some changes listed below and could be a lot simpler than trying to double your traffic to get that target conversion.

1. Great design

Like it or not, when a visitor arrives at your website they make a judgment on your website within mili-seconds. By offering functional professional design with well presented basic design elements you will instantly be more credible to your audience.

2. Show the Website is legitimate

By listing your physical business address, phone number and email address you are showing that you are a real company in the real world. You can further enhance your website’s credibility by showing biogs of any other employees and business partners, with photos if possible.

3. Make Navigation and Usability a Top Priority

When users hit your website they’ll want to find what they are looking for as quickly as possible. If barriers are put up in the form of too many clicks to get where they want to go then they’ll soon leave.

Initial site scoping, site mapping and wire framing helps you build a blueprint of your website as well as defining how your content will be positioned without distracting design features.

A wireframe is basically an outline of your site to show the most important elements of your site such as call to action buttons, navigation menus, and the placement of text and imagery.

This is an effective way of understanding the layout and structure of your site especially with larger sites where it is important to consider the user journey and navigation so they don’t get lost or frustrated.

4. Use testimonials and references

Testimonials are a great way give you credibility. A third party endorsement of how they found great benefit from your service or product is so much more convincing than you selling yourself.

Even better would be to capture video testimonials of your customers which carries a much more convincing message.

5. Use Video

Video is becoming the biggest growth area on the internet and engaging video is the closest you’ll get to face to face marketing.

According to Chris Crafton , chief marketing officer for 21% of retail web video viewers make a purchase online and brands using online video have seen increases of 20% to 40% in terms of incremental buying, with conversions that are twice the rate of other media.

6. Add a sales phone number

Make it easy for your customers

Make it easy for your customers. Some people just prefer to pick up the phone and talk, so don’t make them jump through hoops if they want to contact you.

These are just a few of many different methods that can help increase your website conversions. Why not take a look at your website with fresh eyes, enlist help of colleagues or friends to do the same and see what you can do make your website a much better converting marketing tool that it deserves to be.

Jerry Holliday is Marketing Director of Code 9, a design and digital agency based in Bristol UK.

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Gordon Ramsay needs to follow his own marketing recipe says Tellit

Gordon Ramsay’s no-nonsense approach to business has given him the reputation of being one the most successful entrepreneurs of recent times. His somewhat boisterous personality and his heavy handed way of getting his point across can leave you feeling like you have just gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson…in your living room! But when it comes to marketing a business his lean approach has produced some amazing results that really expose the nuts and bolts of being a market orientated company.

Our following top 5 tips are based on our experience working with a range of different clients and also incorporates Ramsay’s ‘no jargon, no nonsense’ philosophy:

Tip 1) Listen to your customers

This is central to marketing any product or service. By putting the needs of your customers pivotal to all decision making, you are positioning yourself at an immediate competitive advantage. Talk to people, find out what people are saying about your company, listen to it (good and bad!) and learn from it.

Tip 2) Communicate

No need to take on Ramsay’s use of profanities but consider both internal and external communications. If the left foot doesn’t know what the right is doing then how can you move forward? Build cross functional relationships with everyone involved in the business; team members, customers, suppliers. Ask team members for ideas and opinions- this will immediately empower them.

Tip 3) Simplify

Assess your processes, are they unnecessarily cumbersome and complex? There is always room for improvement. More often than not, the simple concept of ‘less is more’ can be applied.

Tip 4) Be realistic

Know where you are and know where you want to be.

Tip 5) Don’t be scared of change

If a particular approach isn’t working, change it! Setting measurable and realistic goals from the outset will help with this.

Despite his high energy levels and business acumen Ramsay seems to have taken his eye ‘off the ball’ recently where his own businesses are concerned. It is only evidence that obstacles will occur, as they do in everyday life but the key is how we get over them. As the proverb says; ‘He who makes no mistakes, makes nothing at all!’

Written by Charlotte Rose, Director at Tellit Marketing and Communication Limited

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