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6 Ways to Increase Your Website Conversions by Jerry Holliday

Increase Your Website Conversions

Your website is a marketing tool that should be feeding your business leads, sales or whatever the end goal of your website is. This action is called a conversion and finding ways to increase this is fundamental to the success of your website.

Take an example of 100 visitors a day hitting your website and you get one sale. This gives you a 1% conversion rate. If you want to double your conversions you could either work to double the number of visitors to 200 a day or you could increase the conversion rate to 2% by making changes to your website.

Increasing conversion might involve making some changes listed below and could be a lot simpler than trying to double your traffic to get that target conversion.

1. Great design

Like it or not, when a visitor arrives at your website they make a judgment on your website within mili-seconds. By offering functional professional design with well presented basic design elements you will instantly be more credible to your audience.

2. Show the Website is legitimate

By listing your physical business address, phone number and email address you are showing that you are a real company in the real world. You can further enhance your website’s credibility by showing biogs of any other employees and business partners, with photos if possible.

3. Make Navigation and Usability a Top Priority

When users hit your website they’ll want to find what they are looking for as quickly as possible. If barriers are put up in the form of too many clicks to get where they want to go then they’ll soon leave.

Initial site scoping, site mapping and wire framing helps you build a blueprint of your website as well as defining how your content will be positioned without distracting design features.

A wireframe is basically an outline of your site to show the most important elements of your site such as call to action buttons, navigation menus, and the placement of text and imagery.

This is an effective way of understanding the layout and structure of your site especially with larger sites where it is important to consider the user journey and navigation so they don’t get lost or frustrated.

4. Use testimonials and references

Testimonials are a great way give you credibility. A third party endorsement of how they found great benefit from your service or product is so much more convincing than you selling yourself.

Even better would be to capture video testimonials of your customers which carries a much more convincing message.

5. Use Video

Video is becoming the biggest growth area on the internet and engaging video is the closest you’ll get to face to face marketing.

According to Chris Crafton , chief marketing officer for 21% of retail web video viewers make a purchase online and brands using online video have seen increases of 20% to 40% in terms of incremental buying, with conversions that are twice the rate of other media.

6. Add a sales phone number

Make it easy for your customers

Make it easy for your customers. Some people just prefer to pick up the phone and talk, so don’t make them jump through hoops if they want to contact you.

These are just a few of many different methods that can help increase your website conversions. Why not take a look at your website with fresh eyes, enlist help of colleagues or friends to do the same and see what you can do make your website a much better converting marketing tool that it deserves to be.

Jerry Holliday is Marketing Director of Code 9, a design and digital agency based in Bristol UK.

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