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Avatar – give your comments a professional edge

What’s an Avatar?

Well as far as I can work out there are two types of Avatars.

One type is a nine foot four inch tall blue monkey tailed being living on some outer galactic planet trillions of light years away from earth.

The other type is a small image that sits next to any comments or posts that you’ve left on forums or blogs.

It’s the second type of avatar that I want to talk about here – I’ll leave James Cameron to fill you in on the first type if you haven’t seen the film already.

Ok, so let me get started.

Once upon a time, when you wrote a comment in a forum or on a blog post you had to go around the back into your profile settings and upload an image that you wanted to represent you – i.e. an avatar – usually a photo of you but some people prefer to use a funky image. This was quite time consuming and often a bit fiddly to do. And, on many forums or blogs you weren’t given an option to do this, so you would have to settle for a boring silhouette type image that the forum or blog automatically dished out to you.

I remember spending hours on one forum trying to find out how to get my avatar on there and in the end gave up – I felt so frustrated!

I felt really unhappy as I could see other people had their avatars next to their comments – so why the hell couldn’t I get mine on there too!

I bet there are loads of people like me who get frustrated over this.

Then the next time I came across this issue, and after having spent nearly 45 minutes searching for a way to upload my picture next to my comment, I decided to give up and ask for help. I deleted the comment that I intended to leave and instead asked ‘How do I get my avatar to upload on this forum?”

After a while some kind person responded with ‘Use Gravatar!’

Great I thought – What the hell is Gravatar? – So, I started to search – and very quickly found the answer to my avatar And, I must say now, that within seconds of registering my frustrations started to melt away. In fact, I started to fall in love all over again (even though I’m a happily married woman).

So why did I fall in love with Gravator?

Well, that’s simple, because it’s free, simple and solved my headache! (unlike my husband who is complex, costs me loads, and always making my head spin!)

All you have to do is, Upload your picture once and then connect it to whichever email address you want to use – and that’s it!

You can sign up for a free account in the seconds. You just need to sign up using email address, respond to the activation email that they send you, and then add an image straight from your computer.

Once you’ve added an image – you can crop it to the correct size and then rate it (basically you decide what sites you want our avatar to be seen on – this is explained within the video).

One of the cool things is that you can upload as many pictures as you want and you can swap them whenever you like or assign them to different email addresses.

Gravatar is supported by loads of forums and blogs and it gives you a bit of a professional look and credibility when you leave a comment somewhere – and, it also helps a bit with your marketing efforts because you’re more likely to get people clicking on your avatar or link to visit your website.

REMEMBER: Gravatar is free and can make your online life easier – so why not get one today!

You can see my Gravatar ‘avatar’ below this post.

Please let me know if I’ve missed something out and/or post a comment, along with your avatar, bellow this post.

About Goga Farruggia-Bochnak

Goga is the founder of End Goal Marketing and a Marketing Consultant. You can contact Goga by email:

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