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Top Marketing Tips – Adjust Your Marketing Plan

Three months ago I needed to buy a present for my niece’s birthday and knowing that she’s into fitness I decided to buy her a skipping rope. I popped into a sports shop on the way home and picked up a great skipping rope that had a counter in one of the handles which I thought, was a great invention. As I was paying for the skipping rope I got into a conversation with the owner of the shop who told me that his business was doing really badly and that if things didn’t pick up for him soon that he would be forced to close. I felt really sorry for him especially as he told me he’d been running the business for the past 12 years.

Adjust Your Marketing Plan

Well, as you can imagine, I told him I was a marketing consultant and asked him if he would like to have a chat about his marketing over a coffee. I told him I wasn’t going to charge him – so he agreed. We met up a week later in a coffee shop and he explained to me all the things that he’d been doing to try and get customers through the door. He explained how he had delivered 10,000 flyers to local houses, put colourful posters in his window promoting products on special offer (I had noticed these), and, spent a small fortune on adverts in local newspapers. Yet despite all of this there hadn’t been an increase in sales. The poor guy was working so hard and not getting anywhere.

I asked him if he was using any social media to market his business and immediately knew the answer to this question by the look of bewilderment that he gave me. I told him a little bit a the potential increase in sales that he could expect if he were to create a Facebook business page and Twitter account and start building a community of people interested in sport and fitness. It didn’t take him long before he got what I was talking about.

He now has a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a YouTube channel, and has plans to start blogging too. And, the last time I chatted with him he told me how he had taken on board my suggestions about adding his Facebook and Twitter addresses to all of his stationary, emails, and to his website. He’s also started to collect email addresses from everyone that walks through his door by asking them if they would like to enter a FREE Prize Draw where the winner gets a gift voucher to spend in his shop.

What I really liked about this business man is that he was willing to adjust his marketing plan, get with the times, and was prepared to do whatever it would take to turn his business around. He knows that it’s going to take a bit of time to build up his social media presence to the point where it starts making a big difference in terms of sales but his taking all of the right steps. I think he realised very quickly during our first meeting that he really needed to adjustments his marketing plan – and as you can see, he’s not just adjusted it, he’s completely overhauled it!

My final thoughts

If you’re not getting the results you think you should be getting then have a close look at your marketing plan and be prepared to adjust what you’re doing until you get the results you’re after.

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