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9 ‘Must Read’ Articles for Budding Entrepreneurs

I was doing a bit of surfing this morning and came across a very interesting blog called ‘The Emotion Machine: The Space Between Mind and World’. Written by Steven Handel. Click here to visit his blog.

I was struck by nine short articles that Steven has written about entrepreneurship so thought I’d give them a bit of a plug on the End Goal Marketing website along with a reason or two re why I found them interesting. The post are:

1) ‘5 Demands of the New Economy’

This is a stimulating post with some of Steven’s thinking in the following areas: Digital, Empathy, Creativity, Abundance, and Story-telling – I found out an interesting fact about Amazon!

2) ‘Interview: Peter Shallard, The Shrink for Entrepreneurs’

This post covers Steven’s second interview with business psychology expert Peter Shallard – You can get a PDF download of a free E-book called ‘Seek and Destroy: How to Identify Entrepreneurial Obstacles and How to Overcome Them’. Peter Shallard pays some nice complements to entrepreneurs, which were nice to read as its always good to have our egos massaged from time to time!

3) ‘Make Plans to Change Plans’

I really like how Steven highlights how planning takes place during action and that it is continually evolving moment-by-moment.

4) ‘Coming up with a business idea’

Some interesting tips here as well as seven useful questions to ask yourself whilst in the process of thrashing around your thinking in search of a good business idea.

5) ‘The Business of Spreading Your Wings’

In this post Steven shares how he has used emails, social media, newsletters, blogs, Youtube, and Skype to reach out to the world and get noticed. There are some good pointers in this post.

6) ‘Mindful Risk-Taking: In Life and in Business’

I found this post to be very interesting as it highlights the necessity of taking risks to get noticed – I enjoyed reading this post and came away from it feeling a sense of admiration for Steven for his openness about himself.

7) ‘How to Combat Work Overload’

Some good tips here about lessening the strains of a heavy workload – I particularly like two of them, ‘taking a siesta or two’ and ‘taking a day off!’

8) ‘Business-Minded Spirituality’

An interesting read if you grapple with balancing the business and spiritual sides of your mind.

And last but not least,

9) ‘It’s Not Everything, But It’s OK to Want Wealth’

Some great justifications for becoming stinking rich! And why not!

All the best and hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I did,

Goga Farruggia-Bochnak
Founder of End Goal Marketing

Have you something to add? It would be great to hear what you think of these posts – leave your comments here and/or on Steven’s blog

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Top Marketing Tips – Create a marketing strategy

5) Create a marketing strategy

Create a marketing strategy

Whenever I’ve mention the words ‘marketing strategy’ to entrepreneurs in the past I’ve tended to get two quite different responses. Some have run off with a look of fear on their faces – I’m not sure why as I’ve never seen any of these people again; I think they’ve been purposefully avoiding me. Whilst some have managed to stay put and even looked quite interested in what I was about to share with them. Mind you thinking about, these people didn’t have much chance of running off as they’d seen me lock the door and put the key in my pocket before I brought the subject up.

So, why is it that many entrepreneurs find writing a marketing strategy something that they would rather put off or even not bother ever doing? Perhaps it’s something to do with how overcomplicated some people think marketing strategies need to be along with a worry that it will take an inordinate amount of time to write one. Yet, having a clearly defined marketing strategy will, providing that it’s followed, bring in the money a lot quicker, in larger amounts, and for a longer period of time, than would happen by just playing things by ear, so to speak.

The trick is to keep your marketing strategy as uncomplicated as you can so that you will actually be able to put it into practice through a well thought through marketing plan, which I will touch on shortly. All that a simple marketing strategy needs is a brief outline of the products or services that you aim to sell, a description of the people you are going to sell them to, and a bit about why your products or services are going to be more appealing to your potential clients than are those provided by your competition. It makes sense to add a few other things too, such as the cost of your products or services, a bit about the way you are going to brand them, how much you are planning to spend on marketing, and also, a description of the goals you aim to fulfil. Your marketing plan, in a nutshell, is basically your ‘action plan’ that describes HOW you are going to achieve all of your goals outlined within your marketing strategy. If you keep an eye on your marketing strategy it will keep you on track by making sure that all of the actions are aimed at achieving your goals!

Good luck with creating a marketing strategy and if you get stuck you can always visit or forum and pick the brains of one of our marketing experts.

All the best,

Goga Farruggia-Bochnak
Founder of End Goal Marketing

NB. The above tip is the fifth in a series of seven that I have written – here is a list of the others that I will be posting shortly:
6) Measure your results
7) Adjust your marketing plan

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